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Books I read are the following: YA, Children's literature-middle grade, Japanese's literature, Russian's Literature, and Classic.

The Iron King- Julie Kagawa

The Iron King - Julie Kagawa

I just finish The Iron King book. This is the first book of the Iron Fey series.


Plot: Meghan Chase is a normal girl, who just turned 16 old when her stepbrother was kipnapped. She need to save her brother, with the help of her bestfiend. Meghan found out, she isn't a normal girl after all.



Meghan Chase (main)

Luke (stepfather)

Oberon (real father)

Ethan (stepbrother)

Robbie (main)

Grimalkin (main)

Ash (main)


What I dislike about this book:

the end is okay, I know it's a series. that isn't an ending.

I dislike Oberon, when he met Meghan again, it seem star war: Hi I'm your daddy and goodbye.